How To Measure Windows For Replacement

How to measure windows - Home Window Replacement Dallas

How to measure windows for replacement is not a difficult task but accurate measurements are critical to successfully install new or replacement windows in a home. 

Whether you’re measuring for replacement vinyl windows, wood windows, or single hung windows, the dimensions of standard window sizes are presented as Width x Height.

How to Measure Windows

Measure Windows Width

  • Using a tape measure, measure the window width from the inside of the frame on one side of the window to the inside frame on the other side of the window
  • Repeat this step at the bottom, middle, and top of the existing window
  • Record the shortest measurement
  • This is your window opening width
How to measure windows - Home Window Replacement Dallas

Measure Windows Height

  • Measure the height from the head of the window (top part of the frame) to the window sill (bottom part of the frame)
  • As with the width, take three measurements: down the left side, right side and the middle
  • Record the shortest measurement — this ensures that the new window will fit
  • This is your window opening height
How to measure windows - Home Window Replacement Dallas

Measure Windows depth

  • Ignore all parting strips when taking window depth measurement. Parting strips will be removed during the replacement window installation. There must be at least 3 1/4 inches of opening depth between the inside window trim and the outside blind stop strip. This much area is necessary to accept the depth of the replacement window.
How to measure windows - Home Window Replacement Dallas

Check Windows for Square

When measuring for replacement windows you also need to determine that the corners of the existing window frame are square. 

To check your windows are in square alignment:

  • From inside the home, hold a tape measure in the top right corner where the horizontal and vertical window trim meet.
  • Extend the tape measure diagonally to the lower left corner where the trim meets and record the measurement.
  • Now make a measurement from the upper left corner to the lower right corner.
  • If the two measurements are within 1/4-inch of each other, most standard window sizes you purchase will securely fit in your window opening. If the window is not within 1/4-inch of square, you’ll need to square up the frame or find an alternate replacement solution.
How to measure windows - Home Window Replacement Dallas

Tips to Measure Windows

  • When you order replacement windows, provide the opening size only. The manufacturer will deduct 1/4-inch and round to the nearest 1/8-inch increment on the window opening width and window opening height
  • Take all measurements from inside the home
  • Accuracy is key — this will ensure the windows install properly, and will help to maximize energy savings

What if your measurements are not perfect? Don’t worry! If you decide to choose Dream Home Windows for your window replacement project, we will come to your home to confirm all measurements before ordering your new replacement windows and doors.

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